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  • Abécédaires à broder...


    By Hélène Le Berre

    Hélène Le Berre expresses once again the extent of her talent through tender and refined alphabets. Colorful and vibrant with life, her embroideries will enchant your moments of creation and will transmit the joy of handmade.

    ref: MG520

  • Fabuleux Voyages au...


    Ref: MG301

    Cross Stitch and Company series:

    Each double page offers a series of patterns for embroidering pictures or small accessories. At the beginning of the book, technical advice and tips are gathered to know everything about cross-stitch embroidery.

  • Les oiseaux à broder...


    With her romantic and refined compositions, Hélène Le Berre enchants the world of cross stitch. A talented illustrator, her embroideries are always accompanied by sketches or watercolors that allow her to refine her palette of colors, both tender and acidulous.

    by Hélène Le Berre

    Réf: MG576

  • Montagne au fil des...


    Véronique Enginger explores with her deliciously retro line the whole universe of the mountain and the alpine pastures. A bucolic and soothing walk to the top.

    Ref: MG561